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Life Is Not To Be Lived On The Edges

Life is not to be lived on the edges.
Because we are only able to see one vista from the edge.
Life is to be lived only from that paradoxical edge which is found in the center.
That center line exactly between yin and yang, black and white,
giving and receiving.
If you root there, you will find that every moment is richly bittersweet.
Every moment throbs with great joy and great sadness.
Wisdom is the refusal to run away from either.
Wisdom is the bittersweet heartbeat of the Universe.
Wisdom is embracing, allowing, being this bittersweetness.
Miss nothing. Refuse nothing. Embrace everything.
You are infinite and hold all the answers.
You are finite and know nothing.
Both are true.
But bittersweetness is the highest truth of all.
Be it.









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