restorative yoga



Many students say that sometimes they have problems getting themselves to  practice at home. Often I hear the statement, "I just don't have any discipline." I would like to redefine the concept of "discipline" by contrasting it with the concept of "commitment". 

There is a big difference between discipline and commitment. "Discipline" is  something that is externally generated, it is a "should". We have often  internalized this "should" as the concept of discipline into our own inner  voices; this is the voice we hear inside berating us when we don't practice.

Commitment, on the other hand, is a choice we make of our own volition. The  difference between "discipline" and "commitment" is conflict. When we are  imposing discipline upon ourselves we are in conflict with ourselves, arguing  inside "yes, no, yes, no". But when we are committed there is no conflict, no  argument, no problem.

Think about something in your life that you are committed to, for example,  brushing your teeth. I doubt that you argue with yourself every morning about  brushing your teeth. You just do it, whether it is interesting or boring, it doesn't matter.

When we are committed to practicing yoga, we just get on the mat every day,  regardless of our mood, our state of mind, our internal dialogue. 

If you have problems sometimes getting your self to practice, spend a little  time figuring out what is standing in the way of your commitment to practice.  I am guessing that what you learn in the process will not only free you up to  practice more often but will enrich your life as well.





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