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Judith's Recommended Yoga Props


The MAKE-A-BOLSTER becomes a circular bolster providing a firm support for yoga restorative and asana practice whether at home or traveling, and eliminates paying a checked baggage fee for a bolster when traveling by air.

When traveling or being stored, the MAKE-A-BOLSTER is portable, compact, and flat. A blanket from your hotel room or home is folded to approximate the bolster width, tightly rolled incorporating a sleep pillow (flattening the pillow as your roll), placed in the center and zipped to form the round bolster. The tighter the roll, the firmer the bolster. Depending on blanket size, a thick bath towel or second blanket may be needed. The MAKE-A-BOLSTER's unique design is by yoga instructor Lerna Clearman and has a patent pending.

website or 972-452-8864 for ordering information



The Yoga Chair Prop is used in yoga studios by teachers in order to help their students align their bodies into its ideal position. Serious practitioners of yoga often have a home practice and maintain an assortment of props like blocks, bolsters, belts, chairs etc. to assist them in their poses. The standard-sized chair is manufactured without a front lower rung, enabling the chair to be used in a wide variety of ways. Salamba Sarvangasana, Viparita Dandasana and Pinca Mayurasana are a few examples.

website or contact 415-686-4547 for more info


We offer a system of straps, inversion slings, Ballet Bars and Resistance Bands used to aid you and your students in yoga practice. Our patented ball and socket system allows you to keep a flat wall surface while quickly being able to change the equipment setup.  There is an unlimited verity of exercise routines and yoga sequences you can do with the Yoga Wall™. 
Judith says: "This is simply the best and most elegant wall rope system I have ever used. It is in my yoga practice room at home, and when I walk into a studio and see this system, I feel confident that my work with students on the wall ropes during class will be easy, safe  and simple. My highest recommendation."


Small enough to carry with you, this handmade silk eye pillow
will soothe and relax your eyes.
cost is $9.50 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. 



The price is about $400, including delivery worldwide.

The Foldaway Backbender supports a wide range of backbends and their 
variations and can also be used to practice drop-backs and forward bends. 
The bench simply separates into two parts to form a mini backbender ideal 
for supported supta virasana and other supine poses. It also be configured 
for Kapotasana using third section which conveniently stores inside 
backbender when not required. Folded in half it stands freely minimising 
storage space. Sturdily constructed and carefully designed by 
experienced yoga teachers, our benches are of the highest quality made 
for years of regular practice or classroom use.



Life-size models of the vertebral column 

can be purchased from the 
Anatomical Chart Company
800-621 7500.
The model I recommend is the 
CH-59X Budget Vertebral Column with Stand for $79.95.

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