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Drawing on her experience as a mother, a yoga teacher, and a physical therapist, author Judith Lasater, Ph.D. presents a comprehensive and easy-to-follow program of yoga poses and breathing practices. These will help the mother to stay flexible and healthy throughout the pregnancy, remain present during the challenges of labor and delivery, and care for herself during the postpartum period. In addition, the author has created a special section called "Mantras for Mom and Baby," where the mother can explore heart-centered practices, one for each month during pregnancy and baby's first year.

In Yoga for Pregnancy, Judith Lasater draws upon her experiences as a mother of three children, and her love of yoga practice and teaching. Her yoga program and "Mantras for Mom and Baby" will help pregnant women and new moms access the relief, relaxation, self-awareness, and courage needed for motherhood."

—Regina Brunig, R.N.; labor and delivery nurse, and yoga teacher

"Judith Lasater is a masterful yoga teacher who embodies the feminine. In this book, she brings together her vast knowledge, deep wisdom, and experience as a mother for the benefit of women and their babies. A pre- and postnatal classic is born!

—Shiva Rea, yogini; featured in Yoga Journal's Prenatal Yoga and Yoga Journal's Postnatal Yoga (videos)

Judith Lasater is one of our country's master yoga teachers. Her primer is a much-needed addition to the books that truly help women prepare their bodies, minds, and spirits for the potentially transformative journey of birthing and mothering. And transformation is what it's all about, isn't it!

Suzanne Arms, author of Immaculate Deception

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