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A unique vocabulary exists that ascribes a variety of emotions to the belly: "my guts are in a knot," "I knew it in my gut," "gut-wrenching," and "no guts, no glory." Yet too often, more emphasis is placed on the way the abdomen looks than how it feels and functions - a sterling six-pack can mask true abdominal trouble. Yoga Abs outlines a series of exercises, yoga poses (asana), and breathing practices designed to achieve optimal health for this crucial area, which houses the organs of both digestion and procreation. Drawing on her experience as a yoga instructor and physical therapist, Judith Hanson Lasater discusses the anatomy and philosophical aspects of the abdomen and offers a set of movements that create awareness of important muscles while developing and maintaining abdominal strength. Each exercise and asana lists the props or supports needed, safety guidelines, and practice instructions, and the book includes practical guidelines for moving mindfully through everyday tasks.

I found this book to be inspiring. It gave me permission to have a soft feminine tummy, and still be strong. I love the exercises that are geared toward strength while giving care for the back. Judith knows alot about the human body and she explains that it is OK to have a round soft tummy. Its not natural for us to have be flat or have abs of steel. After doing the exercises I can feel my core getting stronger. I love this book!

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