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Solveig Santillano


Solveig Santillano attended the Juilliard Conservatory for Dance, and her performing career included many dance and theatre companies, most notably MOMIX, with whom she toured internationally and performed for six years.

Solveig is currently a teacher and academic at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.  She is researching and documenting the experience of dancers with yoga in their work and lives.  She welcomes the thoughts of any yoginis or yogis who have ideas or stories to share to email her: heysolveig@yahoo.com.

Susan Braham, a dancer/bodyworker/yoga therapist and teacher, introduced Solveig to yoga in 1995.  The effect was quick and deep.  Solveig is now engaged in manifesting her conscious commitment to share the fruit of the tree of yoga through teaching and life practice, and her research is one aspect of that mission.  Teaching yoga in her tiny studio is another.

Solveig is deeply grateful for many teachers, and in particular for the ongoing mentoring of Judith Hanson Lasater that provides daily inspiration and understanding physically, intellectually and spiritually.  Peentz Dubble, Francois Raoult, and George Russell have also been delicious and deep influences on her.

Solveig and her husband Mark Santillano have formed their own dance company, SoMar Dance Works.   Their partnership, along with their daughter, Ella, sweetens her journey and keeps her mindfulness and gratitude fresh and concrete every day.




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