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Rhonda Sesto


I have taught yoga for 5 years, and am learning everyday from the wonderful,inspirational students that I am privileged to teach and meet. It makes me know
that every day is like a garden, always growing-- learning is endless andbountiful-- reaching for the universe, living NOW.

How did I discover yoga? I was a marathon runner with excess energy that needed to be expelled, I practiced Ashtanga yoga till the universe brought my life to a moment where I could not walk, or sit without pain due to a car accident. I clung tothis, thinking this was living . The emotional space I was in was dark. (Idid not realize this till a work colleague told me she was taking a teachertraining course for yoga.) I experienced an awakening and a pull at my heart.

For years people asked when I was going to become a yoga teacher. I could notimagine it, for I am shy and fear large groups of people....but this it what the
universe has brought forth.

We all are in search of more goodness and less suffering. We all have tomake choices every day; we need to learn about space, boundaries, within those, if you choose to you can find freedom . The main light to life and livingis the Breath. (pranayama)

I educate from my heart, spirit and soul. I bring laughter and my wonky sense of humor to my teaching.

I have been graced with wonderful students and inspiring teachers who have come forth with their passion of yoga and living NOW. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude in my heart for the safe, sacred, intimate and peaceful studio space that i share with my students to practice Living, Life, Breath and YOGA. THANK YOU to the students, the teachers I have learned from and the Universe.

Om Mani
Padme Hum





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