restorative yoga



Rachel Lanzerotti



In 1999, when I first tried yoga, I took only restorative classes for a year—to recover from decades of burning the candle at both ends as a  social justice activist.

Since then, my passion for the lifelong learning and healing offered by yoga has led me to study with many senior teachers, to transform my  work life, and to follow the teaching path. I’m also a vipassana  
practitioner, and I weave insight and mindfulness practices into my  offerings. In studying and teaching yoga, I incorporate movement,  stillness, meditation, breath, and song.

In 2008, I completed Judith’s Relax and Renew® and Advanced Relax &  Renew® restorative yoga trainings, and I have assisted the basic Relax  & Renew® training every time it’s offered in San Francisco since then.

At this time, I teach restorative and gentle Hatha yoga and  mindfulness practices that support major life cycle events, stress  reduction, coping with chronic conditions, and healing. What’s at the  heart of what I do is remembering how to go slowly, tend to the body,  and listen deeply.

When I’m not on my mat, bolsters, or meditation cushion, I love to  walk around Bernal Hill, sing with the SF Threshold Choir, grow my  garden, collage and letterpress, cook vegan soups, read fiction, and  play with my niece.




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