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Joanne Pearson


I began taking yoga when I was working in Silicon Valley as a Product Marketing Manager with an MBA at Intel about 30 years ago.  Over time, I became more involved with yoga and left Silicon Valley.  My path lead me to Judith Hanson Lasater and the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco.  I graduated from the Institute's teacher training program in 1989 and became a Certified Iyengar Teacher in 1989.

While at the Institute I assisted in Judith's classes twice a week for three years and also traveled with her for workshops in other locations for about 5 years.  Her classes in anatomy and kinesiology were extremely helpful as well as her class on the philosophy of the sutras combined with restorative poses and pranayama.

Since 1990 I've taught yoga in Seattle.  Until 2004 I had the Community Yoga Circle with several teachers, located in the University District.  That year I moved my classes to my home.  This year (2006) I'm changing the name to Iyengar Yoga with Joanne Pearson.

Since I have been practicing yoga for about 30 years and teaching about 20 years, I've been around for awhile and noticed how people slump, lose bone density, lose range of motion, and muscles lose tone.  Although these phenomena are part of getting older, do we have the ability to fight against the inevitable changes.  I'm finding it is possible to make positive changes against the path of nature.  I'm going along with Clint Eastwood's philosophy that as you get older you need to do more, not less.  For example, one pose we do in almost every class, with care and support of a belt, is chaturanga dandasana, to build up our upper body strength.  Don't you wish you were there?



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