restorative yoga



Cathy Milkies


Yoga is such a wonderfully important part of my life.  I began practicing yoga 25+ years ago, and have been teaching for 6 years. I love how yoga keeps me strong and flexible in both mind & body.  It has carried me through difficult times, and has elevated my life in ways that I could not have ever imagined (allowing me to find myself while also meeting so many amazing people).  

When I was first introduced to restorative yoga in one of Judith's workshops, I was immediately struck by the profound simplicity and transformative power of this form of yoga.   I am consistently impressed by its ability to deeply nourish and heal mind, body and spirit.  I always look forward to the moment at the end of a Restorative class where I can look around and see expressions of peace and bliss on everyone's face! Since adding restorative yoga to my regular practice, I find I approach life differently.  I have greater peace of mind, sleep better and am more focused throughout the day.

I have since completed my Advanced Restorative Certification and have taken numerous workshops with Judith.  I love her down to earth nature and greatly appreciate her compassion and depth of knowledge.

Currently I teach yoga at various studios and in the Sacramento / Auburn, CA area, as well as private sessions.  I also offer yoga-related events that are fun, friendly and innovative experiences. My events cover various topics from Women's Issues, to Stress Reduction to Yoga & Live Music celebrations. My most important goal is to deliver a unique experience where everyone can just have a good time!  Please visit my website  for more information.



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