restorative yoga



Bernie Wandel


Yoga is a design for living which draws from the wisdom of teachings spanning over  thousands of years.  Yoga is not about the body.   In fact I believe we are not our bodies.  However we must live in them so making them a comfortable place to be can be a healthy first order.  My first workshop with Judith was on the Yamas & the Niyamas.  I was mesmerized by her use of language and have been studying with her ever since.  My primary teachers are John Schumacher & Judith.  The laundry list of my studies is long, instructors are not one's only pedagogy, anything and everything can be your teacher.  The eight limbs of yoga are essentially about integration.  They work when you combine your studies with a pursuit of knowledge of the self while maintaining a steady and courageous personal practice.

Like the old saying goes, leading someone through a series of exercises is like giving someone a fish for that day.  Sometimes that is all that is necessary.   However, teaching them to fish is the beauty and gift of this practice.  I prefer it when my students fish for themselves and come back looking for me when they are out of bait.  I live in Washington DC, a city brimming with new fishermen and several bait shops.  It matters not what style you practice, asana is about balance.  The art of one's yoga practice is about striving for that balance:  Stillness vs Movement, Strength vs Flexibility, Wellness vs Disease.  The body is designed to move, yet it is from stillness we emerge.  We need to be strong yet flexible as it helps us to adapt to this ever changing world in which we live in.  Our wellness comes from acceptance, understanding, and integration.



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