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Adelene Cheong

(RYT500 / BWY Teacher / R&R® Trainer)


Adelene is originally from Malaysia, she moved to London since 2005 where she teaches and lives with her husband. She enjoys music and chocolate, only second to being in Savasana. Adelene currently teaches classes and workshops throughout London United Kingdom and offers private sessions on Yoga for Scoliosis / Back Care and Restorative Yoga.

Having studied various styles of yoga, her practice in recent years is greatly inspired by her teachers Judith H. Lasater, Donna Farhi, and the work of Vanda Scaravelli as expressed by Catherine Annis. Adelene's teaching focuses on anatomy, organic movement and healthy alignment, with an emphasis on breath and spinal integration within the body. She also had the opportunity to study the application of yoga for scoliosis with Elise Miller and Marcia Monroe.

Diagnosed with scoliosis at age 13, her S-curve progressively increased during her teenage years. She experienced pain, aesthetic imbalance, restless sleep and a sense of helplessness throughout her late teens, and she also began suffering from various stress related illness during her early 20’s… until she acquainted with yoga. Her study with Donna Farhi at her Christchurch Teacher Training and various other workshops inspired Adelene’s practice in adapting and working with rather than ‘correcting’ her body, and developed understanding that yoga offers possibilities only when one is open and ready to receive. Her first taste of Restorative Yoga with Judith was transformational – a deep connection to her inner being, renewing her perspective on life and compassion to all beings. She experienced comfort and positive healing at a physical, emotional and mental level. She stayed mostly with restorative yoga in her practice for over a year after that, just to recover and heal from the years of accumulated tension at every level. Adelene approaches her own scoliosis with patience, learning through practice, exploration and curiosity. Over time this has significantly improved her spinal health and general well-being. Adelene continues to study and assist her teachers with great respect and gratitude to their generosity and kindness.

Adelene shares her experiences through her teachings based on the therapeutic application of yoga. It is an absolute blessing to practice yoga, and Adelene is glad that she started her journey, and has more to learn each day. Yoga is a journey of continuous, liberating experiences, and yoga is for everyone, there is no destination but the present moment that one is experiencing. This practice is a precious gift that she looks forward to sharing everyday for the rest of her life.




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